I am often asked, “What exactly is matcha?” image

Well, matcha is the ‘espresso of coffee’. It is pure green tea leaves grounded into a fine, dissolvable powder. Thus, you reap all the benefits and not just what remains after steeping whole tea leaves (and then throwing away the leaves). One cup of Panatea Green has all the benefits of 10 cups of green tea. It’s a truly amazing superfood that leaves me energetic. Matcha has a slightly sweet, earthy and nutty flavor thats delightful in every way. For more on health benefits, read here. If you’re interested in getting a tin of your own ($34 USD on their website), use my code for a 10% discount, “MATCHAMASTER119”. 

Strawberry-Kiwi SMATCHA

Serves 3


• 3 kiwis
• 6 strawberries
• 3 frozen bananas
• 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
• 2 dates, pitted
• 2.5 cups soy milk
• 2 servings of @panateagreen matcha, reserved
Ice, optional

Blend 1 frozen banana with 1 cup of milk, 1 date and vanilla extract. Set aside.

Blend remaining ingredients and layer. Garnish with a kiwi and strawberry. Enjoy! 🍓🍏  image  image


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